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Research & Development

The World favours eco-friendly technologies


The research and development team works in parallel with customers and the environment with applied research on relevant topics such as respect for the environment in the finishing processes of leather, footwear and leathergoods

The daily commitment of researchers, a group of enthusiasts graduated in chemistry, is aimed at creating products inspired by great designers, or aimed at improving application systems and their economical factor, always taking into consideration respect for mankind and the environment. The continued monitoring and domain of the fundamental technology of this sector is guaranteed by intensive training courses, cooperation with external consultants, in-depth studies. FENICE’s tradition requires a continuous updating of instruments and testing equipments for testing the physical characteristics of leather, guaranteeing
results that are valid and impartial at all times. The research laboratory ensures that all FENICE products are technologically advanced while the application laboratory, equipped with all machinery needed to
finish any leather, is constantly working to create and develop new articles:
a research that is both internal and suggested by the outside market. FENICE technicians favour the cooperation with the technicians from the most advanced tanneries and shoe manufacturers. With this attitude, it becomes possible to anticipate trends and market changes.



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