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Family affair

A model for the North East Italy

Speaking of leadership and of humility at the same time is not easy and the result should not be taken for granted. Being a leader means quadrupling the normal responsibility extending it to the company, the employees and their families, and to the territory where it is based.

In the entrepreneurial system of North East Italy the managing of this task frequently takes place with the active and positive support of the families involved. This business model, that is typical in the area where FENICE is based, is continually under study in order to gain useful indications. It’s the emerging treasure, that belongs to the splendid Italian anomaly as declared by OCSE (or Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development).



Giuseppe Pisi
President Fenice SpA
He has founded FENICE in 1973 and still holds the position of President of the Company.
In the italian Nordest business system handling this load occurs frequently with active and positive support of the family. Typical of the area where the headquarters FENICE is set, this business model is continually studied to draw useful generalized indications. Emerging treasures of the beautiful Italian anomaly, as stated by the OECD / OECD.

Board of Directors Fenice SpA

Takes care of the administration and purchasing. She has been in the Company with her husband since 2nd March 1973, the day it was founded and, with a constant presence, has guaranteed company control and supported its development.




FEN-giovanni-pisiGIOVANNI PISI
CEO Fenice Care System

The development and global distribution of care and maintenance specialities of leather articles is entrusted to the Fenice Care System
Company that is founded and managed by Dr. Giovanni Pisi, a brilliant graduate in Chemistry, manager by profession and an ardent leader. Thanks to his impetus, the Company has gained an important and growing market share worldwide. The activities of Fenice Care System have confirmed the creation of a strong brand recognised worldwide.


FEN-francesca-pisiFRANCESCA PISI
Marketing Manager Fenice SpA

Graduated in Public Relations and involved in the company in the development of aesthetic qualities, the development of organizational skills, attaining new and limited channels to markets / customers. The communicative efficiency flows from capable informatic tools, such as CRM, Internet web site, social networks, newsletters, institutional advertising, participation in Fairs and organisation of road shows and other events.



Fenice Universe


Talent, passion and creativity: President Giuseppe Pisi tells the 50 years of Fenice


The Leather Industry


FEN-whytheychooseus The privilege of working in a team, alongside the technicians who make the must have products of the top


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